How to Use Video Content to Boost Demand Generation

Product Demo & Storytelling Videos for SaaS Businesses

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Written by Lateef Mauricio

How to Use Video Content to Boost Demand Generation: Product Demos & Storytelling

Video is today’s most effective customer education tool. If you’re selling a SaaS product you need to break down product demos into bite-sized screencasts (no longer than 1 minute) that quickly and clearly reveal just how easy, convenient, pain-reducing, and time-saving your product is. No more long-winded 2000s-era comprehensive demos. In fact, no single video should be longer than five minutes unless it’s being stored in a “resources” section – at that point it’s less about marketing and more about customer success. Pro tip: use animated GIFs to bring text to life.

Brands that demonstrate shorter conversion cycles, from first website visit to inbound lead, create engaging storytelling videos that convince the website visitor to trust and believe in the product’s benefits. Put your happiest clients in front of a decent camera and let them gush about how your product has helped them reach new heights. When buyers see their market peers speaking about your product and brand, they will aspire to work with you, and come to you with less skepticism.

Don’t forget that today’s B2B buyer needs to be treated like a consumer – they’re looking for that emotional connection, they want to buy from a brand they’ll be proud to talk about. Get your founders, engineers, client service representatives, and human resources folks on camera to convey your company’s values, relay customer success stories, and humanize the buyer’s journey.

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