Business Strategy

A Brief Note on Complexity and Enterprise Growth

Business Strategy

Every enterprise, like every person, is on a unique journey. Though, the ultimate goal is usually the same: maximize return on investment. That’s investment in time, money, reputation, etc. — basically, your opportunity cost. I help organizations solve problems that get in the way of earning that return – and for the most part, this has found me working in roles within marketing, policy, research, creative, and technology units.

Throughout my career I have consistently found that growing enterprises inevitably face the “complexity problem.” In order to grow, you have to embrace more complexity in the way business is conducted – failure to manage this complexity creates tremendous uncertainty – which equals nothing more than pure, uncontrolled risk. Continue reading …

The dehumanization risk that can slow down high-growth businesses

Business Strategy

High-growth businesses need to rely on people that are invested in the company’s success. These individuals are encouraged to speak their minds in a proactive, structured manner; further, they are receptive to other team members’ opinions and are objectively aware of everyone’s contribution. When we look at employees as people, rather than mere resources in a project plan, we establish a culture of true teamwork that fuels sustainable growth.

This seems like common sense, but I’ve seen many high-potential businesses launch or turnaround with a strong and viable business strategy only to become hindered by a poor teamwork culture. In the absence of a leadership-nurtured teamwork culture, teams default to working within the bounds of processes – because at the very least, work is getting done and delivered on time.

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