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Written by Lateef Mauricio

The Abandoned City of the Chernobyl Disaster | Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine – once home to 50,000 people was swiftly abandoned immediately after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 (Wiki).

For the past 22 years the city has been totally uninhabited with the exception of a few (about 300 or so) elderly people who returned to their homes in surrounding villages.

Today Pripyat remains an empty and dreary desert of concrete, wild animals, and rampant flora. There are plants busting through pavement to reach the sky and wild horses roam free through vast open fields…untouched for 22 years by manking, perhaps for the better.

These are some photos I pulled together from various sources around the interwebs – enjoy!

Photo of the control board at Chernobyl…before the disaster

(May be from Reactor 3…but not Reactor 4)

Nuclear Control Room - Pripyat / Pripjat

Pripyat before the disaster…it was a well-planned city – you can see the Pripyat pool in the backdrop:

Pripjat / Pripyat City Center with Pool in background

Look at this amazing photo of the Pripyat city center…after the nuclear disaster:

Pripyat City Center After the Nuclear Disaster / Pripjat

The abandoned Pripyat Ferris Wheel:

Abandoned Ferris Wheel in Pripyat / Pripjat

Children were affected physically and mentally by this tragedy…so many of them got Thyroid Cancer from simply drinking milk that originated from cows that ate contaminated grass…Here are some children drawings that depict the disaster:

Children's drawings of the terrible disaster in Pripyat - photo from ProgettoHumus.IT

Another child’s depiction

Children's drawings of the terrible disaster in Pripyat - photo from ProgettoHumus.IT

Decontamination Team

Deconatimation team in Chernobyl - Pripyat / Pripjat - Foto:

Even better prepared

Suited Up Deconatimation team in Chernobyl - Pripyat / Pripjat - Foto:

A Child After Radiotherapy

A Child After Radiation Thearpy - Pripyat / Pripjat - Foto:

Relics of the Soviet Era…still remain — as nobody was left to even care to take them down.

Toys are strewn about all over… Items were scattered around by looters in the event’s aftermath.

Rogue art has been drawn inside the Pripyat pool…that use to stand in city center.

Life still thrives in Pripyat…twenty-two years later (Chernobyl happened in 1986)…wildlife like these Mongolian horses roam the open fields…and continue to breed

After evacuation about 300 elderly people returned to Pripyat’s surrounding villages – to continue living their lives, however lonely, in their old homes. One old lady went back to live near her son’s grave…he was a ‘liquidator’ – one of the people that went back to help clean up the disaster.

Pripyat cultural palace…COMPLETELY AbandonedCultural Palace in Pripyat / Pripjat --- TOTALLY ABANDONED

Pripyat Central Square — You can see that the woods have come into the city – most of the vegetation pictured is new…and only started growing after the disaster.

Pripjat / Pripyat Central Square - WOODS GROWING IN THE CITY

The above Images and Information Sourced from these websites :

abandoned cities include pripyat ukraine of the chernobyl nuclear disaster
чернобыльская катастрофа

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