How to Define Product Benefits That Drive Inbound Demand

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Written by Lateef Mauricio

How to Define Product Benefits That Drive Inbound Demand: Prioritize & Simplify

First of all, buyers want to see “benefits” before they see “features” – so be careful not to jump into technical stuff before building a business case. This also means you need to prioritize the order in which each benefit appears on your website. Think of your top two buyer personas, the segments that are going to drive 80% of your revenue, and hit their specific pain points with the first benefits you list on your website. Hook them with the highest value problem-solution sets (benefits) and you can always offer a “read more” option for those prospects that are compelled to learn more…frankly, most aren’t. In fact, the priority problem-solution sets should be enough to move the prospect to click on the “get started” or “free trial” button.

Think about it this way – you should be able to deliver a succinct, simplified “elevator pitch” for each product benefit.

Consider split-testing your language here – use a service like Optimizely to launch headline variations for two-week stretches, or a shorter/longer time-span depending on how many visitors your website is getting. This will validate what you learned during pre-launch market research (focus groups/surveys) or prompt fundamental changes in your messaging.

Often times, we find that product teams and technical founders get so caught up in technical details and product “vision” that website content ends up confusing new visitors into bouncing off the website or impulsively signing up for a trial account. Neither are acceptable for a high-growth enterprise that needs to keep all resources efficient. Understand what your target buyer personas are looking for and convert technical jargon into plain English. Pro-tip: don’t rush to create cleverly named sub-brands – first sell the main product well, then you can start rolling out branded product features.

Remember, the goal of sharp, succinct messaging is to convince the buyer that you have the right solution to their problem. The last thing you want is for confused buyers to rush to your “pricing” page because they want to get to the bottom line.

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